Crazy Sexy Rebel

from Beats, Rhymes & Liberty by Freenauts

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"That's that crazy sexy rebel life..."


I like a rebel chick
and she hella fit
She a activist,
Got a rocker look,
make a blue collar empty his pocket book.
He in love with the thrill.
But she don’t love him she in love with the world.
Sexy tattoos on the back of the girl.
Yea she is single but don’t wanna mingle
You give her your number she give middle finger like yea!
Tell me where have you been all of my life
You a libertarian is that right?
I don’t wanna talk about no politics
I’m Kool-aid you sugar let me and you mix
Get together
I treat you right but not like Cinderella
You a sexy independent intellectual
I hope your unmentionables are edible

I live against the grain so that’s the type of girl i need
a real deal rebel she be living in anarchy
and imma do the same and we’ll be rolling rolling rolling
it aint no one around that can hold her hold her hold her

I say hold up baby
got me riding round on motorbikes
I say hold up baby
that’s the only type of girl i like
I say hold up baby
I been waiting for ya all my life
I say hold up baby
that’s that crazy sexy rebel life

You gon need more than some money and a chain to get her.
I'm saying step your game up or forget her.
You gotta be about that NAP to fuck with her.
She a anarcho-chick always and forever.
You checkin that circle A tat on her arm?
Don't get it fucked. No cause for alarm.
No Molotovs here, just a little bit of fuck the law here.
She's about peace, so we're all clear.
Body of a dime, but her mind is a weapon.
You gotta understand what she's reppin.
Studying Spooner, studying Rothbard, studying Mises.
In a debate she'll tear you to pieces.
She ride or die, even if you fuck with weight.
When the police come she ain’t got much to say.
Game recognize game. Give me just a taste,
and I'ma give it to her like I'm tryna fuck the state.


from Beats, Rhymes & Liberty, track released February 14, 2017
Keybeaux, Silver Stax, AV





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