Nowhere To Run

from Beats, Rhymes & Liberty by Freenauts

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"Nowhere to Run" by Freenauts - featuring the late George Carlin


I took the red pill and woke up in a matrix
Felt ill, can someone explain this paradigm?
Free-range cattle on a tax farm
One steps out of line, max charge. At large
and we've got fences to separate from neighbors
but all these pretenses will eventually enslave us
and no one can save us, take care of yourself
Work out your mind, stay in good health
Gotta survive, we're dying to see the future
Living lives three times longer than they used to
and none of us choose to but we have all arrived
The stars once collided so that we could have tonight
I'm grateful. Now I've gotta pave new paths
Make a splash while I finish last, way too fast
and free as we can be, just remember we've come far
How can we really get free thinking we already are?

Ain't nowhere to run.
There ain't nothin' here for free.

All aboard! Destination unknown
Don't expect to come home 'til the King is dethroned
Yea, it's been a long time comin'
The truth is humans spent a long time runnin'
from tyrants who feed us democide and diseases
Lying through their teeth like they're fighting for peace
but they're thieving special interest politicians with agendas
Twenty-one gunshot salute for you and then some
Expect us. My generation is informed
Respect will end this enslavement, these wars
It's yours, but truth is treason if you can't believe it
We the people have the power, just seize it
Want to be treated as equals? Drop all your titles
But we're obsessed with these collectivist American Idols
I think it's time to free our minds and recognize our faults
After that, you and I, we can all go Galt.


from Beats, Rhymes & Liberty, track released December 1, 2014





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